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I got sick + overloaded with work during the week that #7DFPS originally occurred, so I haven't actually been able to implement much outside of the basic tracking. Stay tuned for updates (hopefully by the end of the week)!

About this Game

Defend your team from the skies as they complete their objective on the ground. You command an unmanned aerial drone by moving your control module (your phone) around the map, allowing you to target and fire down on enemies threatening the mission at hand.

This is a tech demo demonstrating the potential of using AR-related technology to provide a "headset-less" VR experience on mobile phones.

System Requirements

This game requires that you have an Android phone supporting AR Core, an Android-based framework for supporting development of AR-compatible devices. This is used to establish inside-out motion tracking for your phone in order to determine its position in 3D space.

You can check whether your phone is compatible by either visiting the Google Developer's page on supported AR Core devices or checking to see if your device can install the AR Core app from the Google Play Store.


Usage of Unity-chan assets is made possible via the Unity-chan License (UCL).