A downloadable game for Windows

Build a park full of rides, thrills, and health care!

OSHA Coaster lets you live out your dreams of inflicting inflicting as much pain and suffering to allow you cash in on that sweet medical bill money. Find a way to balance the rising costs of an ever-expanding theme park against the need to out compete your competitors in the industry of thrills and joys.

Development team

This game was developed as a part of the Seattle Indies Game Jam by its jam members, as listed below. You can check this page's creators for details, if available.

  • Chris Dougherty - Technical Art
  • Cayla Chow - Models, Textures, and UI
  • Fabian Fabro - Audio Integration and Sound Design
  • Jon Collins - Game Programming, Tools
  • Terry Nguyen - Game Programming
  • Charles Thiollier - Composition and Music
  • Francis Snyder - Composition and Music


OSHACoasterV2.zip 64 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run the executable.

The itch.io desktop app is also supported if you'd like a simple way to download and launch the game.